The Bureau of Engineering (BOE) and the Geotechnical Engineering Group (GEO) of the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, has contracted with AECOM to perform an assessment of the current condition of the Venice Fishing Pier. Our work is divided into two phases. Phase 1: Provide a Physical Condition Assessment of the pier and a report summarizing our findings and recommendations and Phase 2: Prepare construction documents to repair the observed damage. Phase 1 work included the inspection of the piles from the mudline to the bottom of the pile cap, the underside of the pier and the topside of the pier. Inspection of the approach structure, lifeguard building, utilities, utility braces and connections were excluded from the inspections, however some observed concerns were noted in the Above Deck Inspection.

Observed defects are presented in tabular format and include the type, location and size of defect along with photos and comments. The pier consists of a slab-on-grade approach structure and a pile-supported pier. The pier consists of three structurally independent segments.

Venice Pier Inspection Report

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Venice Pier Rehabilitation Report

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